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  On July 1, 2019, anticipating football fanswith their parents gathered, and the opening ceremony of Real Madrid (China)Youth Football Summer Camp was held in Living Word Shanghai.



  As the only partner school and officially certified venue of Real Madrid Football Foundation in China, LWS has been actively promoting the growing culture of youth football on campus. At the same time, it also hopes that the participation of people from all walks of life can help more children who havea passion for football to actively participate. And among them, in football toget happiness, health and growth.


  Real Madrid superstar Morientes is an airborne striker, enthusiastic, and brilliant performances, decorated with elegance, sprinkled with youth, now, let's go directly to the opening ceremony!


  此次活动,我们还邀请到皇马足球基金会代表Mr.Pol Sagues Canadas,以及众多嘉宾云集开幕仪式:上海市台湾事务办公室副主任王立新先生、上海市闵行区统战部部长李红珍先生、上海市闵行区台湾事务办公室主任张海平先生、上海市闵行区华漕镇政府镇长王尧先生、上海市台商协会常务副会长李崇章先生、海峡两岸经贸文化交流协会副会长高文诚先生纷纷莅临现场,共同助力2019美高皇马夏令营。

  We also invited Mr. Pol Sagues Canadas, representative of Real Madrid Football Foundation, and many guests to attend the opening ceremony: Mr. Wang Lixin,Deputy Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Shanghai, Mr. Li Hongzhen,Minister of United Front Department of Minhang District of Shanghai, Mr. Zhang Haiping, Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Minhang District of Shanghai,and Mr. Shang. Mr. Wang Yao, mayor of Huacao Town, Minhang District, Haizhou City, Mr. Li Chongzhang, executive vice-president of Shanghai Taiwanese Business Association, and Mr. Gao Wencheng, vice-president of cross-straiteconomic, trade and cultural exchanges association, came to the scene to help Real Madrid Summer Camp in 2019.





  With the exciting background music and drumrolls, the opening ceremony of Real Madrid (China) Youth Football Summer Camp was officially launched in 2019. Mr. Fang,chairman of LWS, delivered an enthusiastic speech at the start-up of the ceremony. He said LWS would devote itself to education with higher enthusiasm and passion. It is hoped that the high-quality platform such as Real Madrid Football Summer Camp can inspire children's team and fighting spirit. At the same time, he also expressed the importance of quality education for the development of a child. And LWS will continue to contribute to the development of education!



  In his speech, Mr. Li Chongzhang, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Taiwanese Business Association, expressed his gratitude to the Minhang District Government for actively promoting youth football activities. At the same time, we hope that the children will fully feel the spirit of football during the summer camp in Real Madrid.



  Subsequently,Real Madrid Foundation representative POL also made a brilliant speech. He said that Real Madrid Football Foundation will cooperate with LWS for along time because LWS has always been very good at transferring the spirit of Real Madrid football cooperation, respect, and struggle to Chinese youth. While improving their football level, they also inspire for more excellent qualities.



  Finally,as a guest at the opening ceremony of the event, Morientes visited LWS for the third time. As an old friend, Morientes also expressed his expectations and good wishes for the LWS Real Madrid Summer Camp in 2019. We hope that you will strive to improve your football skills and meet new friends to help each other and make progress together.






  On this special day, LWS offers many scholarship places to Minhang District Education Bureau to encourage football-loving children to dare to pursue their dreams without fear of difficulties and set backs and strive to run towards their dreams. This year, another 25 young players have been awarded scholarships to Real Madrid Summer Camp, so that they can enjoy world-classfootball education resources at home.



  Following that was the Flamenco performance by two Spanish professional dancers, which opened the audience's eyes and witnessed Spain's well-known passion and new dance style.



  The highlights of the whole event appeared in the performances brought by LWS students.The children were in high spirits and their faces were filled with youth fulvitality and sunshine. With beautiful dances to show the beauty of youth, warm applause broke out from time to time. The guests took out their mobile phones to record this wonderful moment.



  Finally,the leaders and guests jointly came to the stage to unveil the Summer Camp activities and push the opening ceremony to a climax.






  After the opening ceremony, the kick-off ceremony, the most important event of the day, was welcomed. Morientes made a beautiful first ball for the event and pushed the atmosphere of the scene to another climax. The leaders followed closely and came forward to kick off the opening ceremony. Declare that the Summer Camp of Real Madrid will officially open in 2019.



  Next is the most anticipated interactive part of the audience. As a Real Madrid legendary star, Morientes has numerous fans everywhere and has come to LWS forthree times. These football-loving primary school students will never miss such a rare opportunity to take pictures with their idols. Morientes is also very nice, signature, photo are satisfied. Showing his modest and courteous general style.




  So far, the opening ceremony of Real Madrid (China) Youth Football Summer Camp ended satisfactorily, and the first phase of LWS Madrid Football Summer Camp trainees then put into formal training. I hope that the children will sweat heartily on the green field, broaden their horizons, increase their knowledge,and make more friends in competition and cooperation.

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